Why Buy a Computer from Total IT?

We’ve done the hard work for you

Buying a computer can be a confusing task! Gigabytes, Megabytes, CPU, GPU, solid-state. This is techno-jumble to most people. Trying to compare thousands of available models and brands is a huge time investment, especially if you don’t understand the tech-terms.
The team at Total I.T. has been selling computers for over 14 years. Combining our technical knowledge with the experience of repairing every brand and make of laptop, we know what laptops are quality and what is garbage. We take the time to select a handpicked range of laptops with varying specifications for our clients. We also custom design and build our own desktop computers.

We then take the time to discuss the individual needs of our clients to make the best recommendation for a quality computer that will suit their needs.

We’re a local independent business

By supporting a local independent business, you help support the local community. Since opening in 2006, we have supported the local schools in the Ferny Hills and Ferny Grove area with prize donations for fetes and events. We have sponsored local sports teams, had school-based trainees and work experience placements from local schools, donated to local charities, and supported other local businesses.

We don’t employ sales people

How do you know if you can trust the advice you have been given? Sales-people receive commissions to sell certain brands and products over others, and a sales-person may have little to no technical knowledge. We have heard sales-people working for nation-wide retailers tell customers things that simply are not true! Total I.T. employs no sales-people and staff receive no incentives or commissions to sell or recommend a computer. We are all passionate people who have chosen this as our career because we love technology. You always get to talk to a technician.

We are tech SNOBS!

You won’t find anyone with higher standards than us. Quality is the goal behind everything we do. Our motto from Day 1 has been, “If we wouldn’t buy it for ourselves, we won’t sell it.” We even refuse to sell a product that a customer requests if we don’t think it is good enough.

Our reputation is our success

Combining quality technology with customer service and integrity is the only way to sustain our business. If we sold poor quality items or items that were not suitable for our customer’s needs, people wouldn’t come back. After 14 years of business, we must be doing something right!

We can customise for you

Off the shelf computers purchased at big chain stores are not scalable or customisable, so you may end up paying more, and getting features you don’t need to get the right size drive or CPU. Our desktops are CUSTOMISABLE so you can handpick your CPU, RAM, drive size, Graphics capabilities and more. We can also customise many of the specifications of our laptop range to suit you.

Fantastic Warranty

Our desktop computers have DOUBLE the industry-standard warranty at NO EXTRA COST. When you buy a desktop computer built by Total I.T, any the warranty repairs are done by us in our workshop, which means less downtime for you in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. We also facilitate most warranty claims for products sold by us, so you don’t have to jump through any hoops or send products away. Many of our competitors will send a faulty product off to the manufacturer for warranty, which can leave the customer without a working computer or product for weeks or months. Wherever possible, we straight swap a warranty product for you.

We also only sell brands that know have great after-sale support for our customers.

Universal Parts

Our desktop computers use UNIVERSAL parts that a manufactured to meet industry standards.

The desktop computers we build follow the ATX standard. ATX is an industry standard referring to the configuration of the motherboard, power supply and case.

ATX configuration was designed by Intel in 1995 to improve standardisation and interchangeability of parts. The specification defines the dimensions; the mounting points and the power and connector interfaces among a computer case, a motherboard, and a power supply.

This means that ATX computer replacement parts are easy to source, available from many different brands and cost effective.

By contrast, many brand name computer brands do not use these common ATX parts and use proprietary or exclusive parts.

This means, that if for example, your power supply fails after 3-4 years of use, you have to go back to the computer manufacturer and buy the exact power supply spare part. Proprietary parts from the manufacturer are produced in smaller qualities, harder to source, more expensive and sometimes discontinued after a few years.

ATX parts however, are easy to source in a range of brands and qualities and the design remains consistent for very long periods of time.

For example, in March 2021 we assessed a computer in our Ferny Hills workshop made by a large well known international brand. This computer had a failed power supply. The computer was purchased in 2019 from another retailer and the manufacturer has already discontinued the power supply. No other model of power supply is compatible due to the non-standard power supply connectors. Instead of completing a simple, quick and affordable repair by installing a replacement ATX power supply, this customer was stuck having to purchase an entirely new computer system because of a single failed component.