Setup Passwordless Sign-In for Microsoft 365 from Total IT

You will need the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone to complete passwordless sign-in setup. Download it using the links below.

  • Step 1


    Download Microsoft Authenticator

    You will need the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone to complete passwordless sign-in setup. Download it using the links above.

  • Step 2


    Open your Web Browser

    On your computer, open in your web browser.

    Do not search for the above URL. Instead, type the URL in the address bar exactly as displayed above, or click on the link above.

  • Step 3



    Enter your email address and choose Next.

    Enter your Temporary Access Pass and choose Sign in.

  • Step 4


    More Information Required

    Choose Next when prompted to provide more information.

  • Step 5


    Add a Mobile Number

    You will be directed to provide a mobile number to receive a verification code by SMS. Enter your mobile number and click Next

    Enter the code sent to your mobile and choose Next

    Next, you should see a confirmation message that your phone has been registered successfully. Choose Next to continue.

  • Step 6


    Add a Sign-in Method

    Choose Security info from the left menu.

    Choose Add sign-in method

    Ensure Authenticator app is selected from the dropdown and choose Add

    As we have already downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator app, choose Next without taking any action. If you haven’t downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator app yet, return to Step 1 before proceeding.

  • Step 7


    Setup Microsoft Authenticator

    On your phone, open the Microsoft Authenticator app. Press the + icon in the top right corner of the screen to add your account.

    Choose Work or school account

    Choose Scan a QR code and scan the code on your computer

    Your account should now be setup and ready in the Microsoft Authenticator app.

  • Step 8


    Test Microsoft Authenticator

    On the computer, choose Next to proceed. A test notification will be sent to your phone to verify the setup.

    Approve the notification on your phone by pressing Yes or Approve and enter the number that is displayed on your computer.

  • Step 9


    Enable Passwordless Sign-in

    On the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone, tap on your account.

    Choose Set up phone sign-in.

    Choose Continue. If prompted, sign-in with your email address and Temporary Access Pass used earlier.

    Press Register to complete the passwordless sign-in registration process.

    You should then see a confirmation screen confirming that your account has been added successfuly. Press Finish to complete the process. Your account is now ready for passwordless sign-in.

  • Step 10


    Sign-in without a password

    Next time you sign-in to your Microsoft 365 account, you won’t need to enter a password and can instead sign-in by approving the notification sent to your phone. If you don’t receive the notification, open the Microsoft Authenticator app and approve the sign-in prompt in the app.