Part Information – iPhone and iPad Repairs

In the iPhone and iPad repair market, there is a wide range of quality parts available for us to select from when repairing your device.

As is true in every industry You Get What You Pay For which is why you won’t see us price fighting to be the cheapest repair in Brisbane. We recognise that often “cheapest” translates to “poorest quality” or “most likely to fail”.

We aim to strike a balance for you that ensures the highest quality repair while keeping the repair cost effective.

Wherever possible, we buy the highest quality grade parts if we can do so without rendering the repair uneconomical for you.

We are constantly re-evaluating the market and adjusting prices to reflect what is the best repair. This can mean a price drop if the Aussie dollar is doing well, or a slight price increase if we feel we cannot provide an exemplary repair without a higher quality part. We regularly test all the parts available to assess their quality to offer the finest possible repair at the best possible price without quality compromise.

We never buy the lowest quality parts.

Our customers can feel confident that our “quality first” approach will get them the best repair.