The Truth about “Genuine” or “Original” Apple Parts

Many repairers claim to use “Genuine” or “Original” Apple parts, and we’re often asked by our customers if our parts are “Genuine” Apple parts.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Apple do not resell parts for iPhones or iPads to third party repairs. 
  • We believe that simply calling our parts “Genuine” or “Original” without providing any further information would be misleading, which is why we refer to our parts as “A+ Grade Parts” and provide this additional information.
  • The suppliers we use for our parts provide us with original parts that are the same as the part we are replacing.
  • The parts that we use in our repairs are the same parts that other repairers refer to as “Genuine” or “Original”.
  • The parts we use in our repairs are of the highest quality available and are backed by our 1 Year Warranty.