Data Recovery

Nothing is more stress-inducing then discovering that important files are missing or unreadable. If you find yourself in this situation, data recovery may be necessary to retrieve your files.

There are a lot of scenarios where files and data can be lost including:

  • An external or internal hard drive cannot be accessed on browsed by the computer
  • A flash drive has become corrupted or is physically broken
  • Files have accidentally been deleted (eg a SD card formatted by a camera)

We can assist you with data recovery for many of these scenarios. An initial data recovery assessment can be completed in our workshop to confirm if successful recovery of lost documents, photos, emails and files is possible.

We have specialised equipment and software which results in a high success rate of recovery for software based faults. For more complex hardware faults requiring advanced device repairs we can refer you to a number of specalised data recovery providers.

A key factor in data recovery is time. If a data storage device (like an external hard drive, internal hard drive or flash drive) has been damaged, it is crucial that we begin recovery attempts as soon as possible. This is especially true for corrupted or overwritten data as further use of the computer or device may overwrite the files.

If you have an external or internal hard drive, USB Flash Drive or SD card and can’t access your important data contact one of our friendly team today.