Security and Malware Check

We offer a Security Check service to customers who are concerned their computer may have been accessed by a hacker or a scammer.

Modern criminals use technology to gain access to personal information, credit card details, bank account details with the ultimate goal of stealing money via your technology. Some of the methods cyber criminals use to make contact and gain access our information are listed below:

  • Cold calling (an unexpected phone call) claiming to be from Telstra, NBN, Microsoft or similar
  • Fake websites or Ads that redirect you to malicious websites claiming to be Telstra, NBN, Microsoft or similar
  • Phishing Scams. An fake email designed to look genuine and prompt you to enter sensitive login details (email password, netbank login ect)
  • Computer pop-ups from malicious software. A downloaded program or file that turns out to be fake may then cause “error” pop ups on the computer prompting you to “Call Support” or “Fix Computer Errors

These scams are sophisticated and well planned to look genuine and use fear-manipulation tactics to motivate the computer user to comply. Once the cyber criminals have made contact, they will next try to gain access to the computer with Remote Access Software. Programs like TeamViewer and LogMeIn can give cyber criminals access to the computer and all the files. The cyber criminals then use this access to make internet banking transfers, steal credit card information or record sensitive information.

If you are worried that your computer has been accessed by a hacker or scammer, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Immediately turn off the computer to disconnect it from the internet
  2. Contact your bank and financial providers to stop all payments and change internet banking passwords
  3. Contact Total IT and request a Security Check

Our Security Check service ensures your computer is safe to continue using. We remove Remote Access Software so that the cyber criminal can not log into your computer again and check for other malicious changes that may have been made to your computer. Once completed, we provide a report with our job notes showing your computer has been secured so that you can provide this to your bank or financial institutions so they can re-issue internet banking access if necessary.

If you have any concerns about your computer security or fear you may have fallen victim to a cyber security scam contact our friendly team ASAP.