Technician Curated Laptop Range

There are factors that we take into consideration as technicians when recommending a laptop that a retail sales-person or consumer may not:

Quality of Plastic

The quality of materials (like the strength of plastic in a laptop) affect repairability and the longevity of the laptop. If the plastic chassis is brittle or cheap, this will affect durability and the likelihood of hinge failure issues. Over time, the repeated motion of opening and closing the hinges pull on the cheap plastic screw burs, and eventually, they break, causing hinge failure. Cheap plastic casing in a laptop is also more likely to be damaged by small knocks and bumps. Only experienced technicians that have repaired thousands of laptops can tell the difference in the quality of plastic just by feeling them.

The Cooling System Design

A smart or flawed cooling design will impact whether or not the laptop will overheat as it ages. Combine this with the “plastic factor” above. If a laptop with cheap brittle plastic also has a poorly designed cooling system, overheating may speed up the plastic’s degradation. This can result in plastic fans breaking. If a laptop begins overheating, the computer may throttle (slow) the performance to try and prevent overheating while you are using it. We can identify a well designed cooling vent design thanks to our years of experience. Can you?

Screen Repairability

It’s easy to crack a laptop screen accidentally. When you’re purchasing a laptop, the last thing on your mind is breaking it. But that’s important to consider! There can be variations of $500-$1000 in the cost of replacing the screens between different models of laptops. We think ahead for you and ensure that future repairs will be affordable and practical.


What if in 12-24 months, your needs change? We opt for models that have options for upgrades wherever possible. It’s nice to have options! Some laptops have no options for upgradability on the motherboard, and you can’t increase the RAM or storage space if you fill it up.

Warranty Support

The warranty for a laptop is facilitated by the manufacturer. We don’t want to send you to a manufacturer with terrible warranty support! You want quick resolutions and good communication. We’ve dealt with all the brands to facilitate warranty claims, so we know who is good and who is bad. We once helped an elderly lady who had a failed speaker under warranty on her laptop. The laptop had to be shipped to Sydney 3 times and was sent back every time without the speakers fixed. The poor lady was without her laptop for four months. Guess what? We don’t sell that brand!