About Total IT

Total IT exists to enable you to use your technology to its fullest potential, knowing that our team will happily support you, resolve any problems, answer your questions with knowledge and experience and give you advice with honesty and integrity.

Our experienced team of friendly technicians are here to help. Whether you need help troubleshooting problems with your PC, advice on setting up your network, help configuring your internet or email, replacing your broken laptop or screen or help purchasing a new PC, tablet or laptop, Total IT has you covered. Call us today to speak with one of our friendly technicians.

Our Philosophy

Have you ever heard the term “you get what you pay for”? Well that has never been truer than with technology. After repairing, servicing, designing and selling computers in Brisbane for over 10 years we know better than anyone the value of quality computers and quality customer service, and what a difference they make to the lives of our customers.

New clients often ask us “do you price match?” or “can you do a better price than the advertised price?” Our answer is no! We don’t unnecessarily jack up the price of our product to then discount or have a “Sale”. We believe in offering our customers the best price year round without them having to ask. The price of our computers and service reflect the level quality and support that is often missed elsewhere.

We are conscious of the environmental impact of disposable technology. That’s why we love to repair your broken computers and phones rather than throw them into landfill. We guide our customers to quality products that last the test of time and we are there to support, repair and upgrade them when they have aged. This means less stress for the customer and less electronic waste pollution.

We believe in an old school approach to service. Good business is about relationships and not bargains. Our long term clients will know the feeling of calling our store and speaking to the same person who helped them 10 years ago. Our customers are often shocked that we remember them and what computer they have. There’s not many places left you can still get service like that.

If you need a friendly face to help you with your technology, then don’t look any further than Total IT.