Managed Backup Service

Our Managed Backup Service is designed to take the hassle out of maintaining and monitoring backups. All of our managed backup plans include monitoring of critical alerts (for example, a backup failing to complete) and assistance with restoration of data.

Each connected workstation or server has a local client installed which is remotely managed by our team using a secure web portal. A backup plan is configured on each device depending on the specific requirements of the organisation. Data can be backed up to existing local or network storage locations, or to a dedicated NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. Data can also be backed up to the cloud for an additional layer of protection.

Backups are monitored and in the event of error or failure, an alert is generated and sent to our support team for investigation.

Cloud Storage (optional) is provided in a secure Sydney Data Center.


  • Secure Encrypted Backups

    All data backed up offsite to the Cloud is encrypted by default. Local backups containing sensitive data can also be encrypted.

  • Local Backups

    Data can be backed up on-site to internal hard disk drives, external hard disk drives or network locations such as a NAS or File Server.

  • Cloud Backup

    Cloud Storage can be purchased for an additional layer of protection to securely store backup data without using existing storage locations.

  • Remotely Monitored

    If a backup fails for any reason we’ll receive an alert and can take any necessary action.

  • Off-site Backups

    Data can be backed up to external drives and taken off-site, or automatically sent off-site to our secure cloud storage.

  • Supported by Total IT

    Our Managed Backup Service is fully managed by our own staff.