Liquid Damage – What to do

If you accidentally spill liquid on your iPhone, iPad, laptop or tower desktop computer, we can help. Follow the below steps.

1. Turn the device OFF immediately and unplug any power cords

2. Try to remove as much liquid as you can with a cloth or by turning the device upside down and letting the liquid drip out

3. DON’T try turning the device on until it has been looked at by a technician

4. DON’T wait to take the device to a professional for disassembly and cleaning. Time is critical. The sooner we can pull it apart, the more likely it is we can save it! Waiting a day before you get a professional to address the issue will almost always mean we can’t save it.

Note: Rice is not powerful enough to suck all the liquid from a laptop or phone. Every time a customer tells us “I left it in rice over the weekend”, we open up the device and it is still full of liquid.